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    Effortless Movement - Infinite Adjustability

    Experience Pilates at its finest with the BASI Systems Reformer. Engineered for smooth, versatile workouts, it features the longest and widest carriage in the industry and comes equipped with our innovative Enhanced Pulley System and expanded gear system for unmatched precision and adjustability.


    - NEW! In addition to our standard Reformer, a new shorter Reformer model is also available
    - Aircraft-quality aluminum tracks for a smooth, quiet carriage ride
    - Longest, widest carriage in the industry
    - Orthopedic padded cushion extends the full width of the frame
    - Pulleys can be set anywhere along the height and width of the half-tower
    - Highly adjustable headrest, shoulder rests and footbar
    - Three separate gear options for each of the springs
    - Easy conversion to a Reformer with Tower or Reformer Combo
    - Three extension leg height options available to suit your studio space
    - Equipped with four ports to accommodate the F2 System upgrade
    - Equipped with silicon wheels for quick & easy mobility
    - 10-year warranty
    - Easy assembly and dedicated customer support representative for your studio
    - Patent: US 10,393,163 B2

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    Half Tower, Extension Leg Set (Short), Foot Platform


    2 Shoulder Rests
    2 Handles (Rubber)
    2 Pulleys
    2 Ropes
    1 Foot Strap
    2 Handles (Neoprene)
    2 Handles (Aluminum)
    4 Stoppers


    1 Yellow Spring
    1 Blue Spring
    3 Red Springs


    wooden frame width 27.5” (70 cm.) / length 98.4” (250 cm.) / height 7.9” (20 cm.)
    with half tower width 28.4” (72 cm.) / length 100” (254 cm.) / height 34.3” (87 cm.)
    carriage width 27.6” (70 cm.) / length 31” (79 cm.) / height 2.36” (6 cm.)
    with extension leg (short) height 39” (99.5 cm.)
    Weight 197.3 lb (89,5 kg.)
    NEW! Reformer Small - wooden frame width 27.5” (70 cm.) / length 90.6” (230 cm.) / height 7.9” (20 cm.) - with extension leg (short) height 39” (99.5 cm.)
    Weight 187 lb (85 kg.)

    Why BASI Systems?

    We pride ourselves on delivering the most high-quality, functional, and beautiful equipment on the market. Our products are meticulously engineered and crafted by hand, offering the highest level of performance, form, and comfort. You’ll feel the difference in every movement as you unlock your full potential in strength, wellness, and rehabilitation.

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